Eastleach Village Playground Needs Your Support

Dear Fellow Villager

We have a problem in the village with the children’s playground equipment which is in a very sad state of repair.


To this end I have applied to The Aviva Community Fund for a grant to replace a significant part of the structure.

We, the Village Hall Committee now need your help.

The funds are allocated in various ways, but one of them is based on the number of votes per project.


To vote you need to register, tedious I know, but it just takes a minute. Please go to http://www.aviva.co.uk/good-thinking/community-fund/, register, then in the projects category type in playground and in the location box Eastleach.

You will then see photos and text of the submission. Scroll down and then please vote! ( project number is 16-2262 but I do not think you will need it).

The playground is one of the focal points of the village and we need to look after it!

Please vote, we know you will.

Many thanks

Paul O’Shaughnessy

“As a small community we are all inter- dependent on each other. The majority of our teenagers and young children of the village, both past and present, grew up using our playground facilities. There is very little else for them to do. The Committee owe it to the past to continue this tradition.”

Author: eastleach