Eastleach our home in the Cotswolds countryside

A community gathering is a wonderful occasion

A community gathering is a wonderful occasion and there was a buzz at St. Andrew’s Church for the Village Celebration Service on Sunday July 7th.

The weather was kind and the sun shining, with the light filtering through the ancient windows and on to the flowers beautifully arranged by Heidi Kemsley.

This was a service masterminded by John Exelby and Jane Reynard – they were much missed due to illness.

The service was one of involvement. Led by the Revd. Andrew Cinnamond, villagers contributed. First up George Hodgkinson masterminding the chiming.

“For the beauty of the earth” was the initial hymn selected by parishioners. It was Amanda Porter’s choice and summed up the gratitude of the congregation for the beauty of Eastleach and its wonderful surroundings.

And the selection of “Immortal, Invisible” was Martin Squires’. His recent passing since the service has made this all the more poignant.

With her crystal clear voice, Stephanie Richards read from Luke Chapter 6, the principle being to Love Enemies and do to others as you would have them do to you.

Pete McHugh followed with the Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount – “blessed are the poor in Spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven…blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.”

Pippa Philpott chose ‘Dear Lord and Father of Mankind’ and readers included David Jenkinson.

Andrew Cinnamond conducted this lovely service full of meaning and genuine care and concern for those who are facing challenges.

We all popped outside for drinks and nibbles afterwards. Nen and Roger Sutcliffe on the bar and all sorts of delicious treats handed around by all age groups including those 10 and under!

Altogether a heart warming occasion.

With many thanks to John Exelby and Jane Reynard for organising such a special service.

Also to Stephen Langton who was a hero to step in and play the organ at the last moment. 

Cathy Sayers


steve clarke
Author: steve clarke