Eastleach our home in the Cotswolds countryside

Annual Rogation Service

At 11 a.m on Sunday 26th May (2019) we have our annual Rogation Service* when after a brief service in church we walk through the village saying prayers asking for God’s blessing on the crops and animals that feed us.

The first prayer is at the willow tree and after stops on the way we end up outside the Vic for a final prayer and the singing of the harvest hymn We Plough the Fields and Scatter before going inside for a drink!

It would be good to see you.      

John Exelby

The Weeping Willow, Eastleach Village

*Rogtion days are days of prayer and fasting in Western Christianity. They are observed with processions and the Litany of the Saints. The so-called major rogation is held on 25 April;[ the minor rogations are held on Monday to Wednesday preceding Ascension Thursday. The word rogation comes from the Latin verb rogare, meaning “to ask”, which reflects the beseeching of God for the appeasement of his anger and for protection from calamities

steve clarke
Author: steve clarke