Bouthrop Church in Minature



This beautifully detailed work , depicting Bouthrop Church, amazingly fits in the palm of your hand.

Artist: Debbie J Wyatt
BSc (Hons) Soc.Sci
BCCS (Adv.Dip) Can.Bhv

I am a local artist from Southrop where I’ve lived for 8 years, previously in Fairford for 6 years but originally from Surrey.

I am mum to two boys (22yrs and 11yrs), two dogs and a cat! I am self employed during the day ( , creating various artworks in my spare time.

I use all types of media from paint and pastels to buttons, examples can be found on Instagram @button_rainbow and on Facebook

Bouthrop Church – also known as St Michael and St Martin’s Church, on the banks of the River Leach.

Find out more about this church, here.

steve clarke
Author: steve clarke