Catalytic Converter Thefts

We are aware of Catalytic Converter thefts happening in your area.

The vast majority of thefts occur in daylight areas in busy car parks, each theft take 2-3 minutes and involves jacking one side of the vehicle up and using a battery operated grinder/cutter and cutting the converter off.

The Rhodium used in the converters is of high value and the theft generally writes off a car.

There are devices available to deter the thefts from several manufactures and the Neighbourhood team is hopefully about to secure a deal from a company that supplies security markers. These will be sold by us at a reduced rate for no profit. It will be announced on community alerts when these become available.
If you have any information or suspicions please pass it on to the Police to enable us to track these offenders down.  

For more information, please visit our website:

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Andy Baker (Police, Constable, Cirencester)

steve clarke
Author: steve clarke