Christmas Rubbish Collections

To really get you into the Christmas spirit, here is some useful info regarding Christmas Waste and Recycling over the 2018/2019 festive season. Below is an attempt at a summary, so you won’t put your bins out on the wrong day and have them sitting around:

Friday 21st December – Full collection – NO CHANGE

WAS Friday 29th December – Green bins only – NOW taking place on Wednesday 2nd January 2019

STOP PRESS: due to the likely build-up of waste over the festive season, the CDC has announced a ‘SIDE WASTE AMNESTY’ for the first FULL collection after Christmas Day. This ‘SWA’ means that you can leave out additional non-recylcable rubbish in well tied bin liners next to your closed-lid black bins. By my reckoning, this applies to our first full collection after Xmas, which is going to be THIS One:

WAS Friday 4th January – FULL COLLECTION – NOW Tuesday 8th January 2019


WAS Friday 11th January – NOW Monday 14th January 2019

WAS Friday 18th January – NOW Saturday 19th January 2019

From Monday 21st January, NORMAL SERVICE will be resumed.

And Breathe.

Merry Baskin

steve clarke
Author: steve clarke