Walking shoe


We enjoyed a beautiful circular walk in the area surrounding Eastleach, crossing the river, enjoying Macaroni Downs and coming back finally around 3,30 to the road below, via a side street, down from the village Hall.

This is where we had parked, and after a hot tiring 5+miles I was glad I had brought a change of shoes. I changed into these at the back of our car, but so weary was I, that although I did put the left shoe in the car boot, I obviously left the other one on the grassy verge.

I was terribly upset to discover this when I got back to Oxford, and it was too late then to return to search for it, especially as I couldn’t be sure if someone had found it and left it where I might see it, or perhaps taken it to their house.

If you have heard anything of my lovely (dirty but loyal) pal, which is the right shoe of the pair, I would be so grateful.

Jackie Bowman