Warning about door to door sales people

steve clarke

Emily Beanland had a visit from a chap selling bits and claiming to be on a
“Return to Work Scheme.” When she asked to see his ID he apparently became
very abusive and left her property saying “she was lucky he hadn’t smashed
her windows.”

Emmy has informed the police but not pressed charges. The chap may well be
on a scheme and have mental issues but it’s a little worrying that he was
delivered (and will be collected) by a “company” in a van. Eastleach would
be a strange setting for a back to work scheme but not such an odd place for
a gang master to chose to set his team down.

Please stay vigilant and report to the police if any of you have had
dealings with this chap. Remember always to ask to see ID and if you
intending to buy from them, close the door whilst you collect your purse.

The Police incident case is 185.

Kind regards

Sue Sosbie

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