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Eastleach Apple Day 2019

Eastleach Apple DaySaturday 19th October 2019, 10 am at The Village Hall

Everyone is welcome to bring apples and get them pressed in the Village Hall garden.

All you need are containers for your juice and a strong arm to help with the pressing.

Afterwards, join in with your own picnic which follows the cider tasting/making demonstration at 1pm.

From 10/12.30 bring your apples to be pressed, 1pm Cider making demonstration and tasting from the Eastleach 2018 vintage and picnic to follow


Any apples will do, that look good enough to eat. Most people are delighted to get their apples used, so if you don’t have a supply, just ask a neighbour and “scrump” some of theirs.

When shall we pick our collect them?

The best juice is made from fruit that has been off the tree for at least two weeks, otherwise it goes brown very quickly and can be sour. So gather them and store them in a dry place in good time.

Which containers work best?

Anything will do but plastic milk cartons are great as you can then freeze the juice. Last year Eastleach Apple juice was being drunk on Christmas Eve!

Is cider hard to make?

It’s easy to make good, clear sparkling cider by sticking to a few basic rules. You will need some equipment which can be bought in Highworth for less than £10 for a gallon, just ask George Walker.

For any enquiries, ask George: georgepatrickwalker2016@gmail.com 07768 347 414

steve clarke
Author: steve clarke