Eastleach By Artists – Reginald Sharpley

Clapper Bridge Eastleach

Reginald Sharpley, (1879-1947) was trained as a Civil Engineer before seeing service in the Coldstream Guards in France in the First World War.

He went to art school both before the war in London, and after in Cheltenham. He came to Campden in the 1920s, and lived at The Martins, a handsome house next to the Market Hall.

An accomplished draughtsman on account of his rigorous training, he also worked in oils and as an etcher.

Much of his work was made in the Cotswolds, such as Eastleach , an area that he loved both as artist and rider to hounds.

His work is accomplished, uncomplicated and evocative of the pre-War world in Campden and the Cotswolds.

Taken from : https://www.sulisfineart.com/reginald-sharpley-b-1879-early-20th-century-oil-river-landscape.html

steve clarke
Author: steve clarke