Eastleach Free Range Eggs

Our Golden Girls

We recently adopted some ex-battery hens, that otherwise at eight months old, would have ended up in pet food or a cheap ready meal.

As you can see they are doing really well and loving the freedom of their little patch in Eastleach.

Their feathers are coming back and they love walking on grass rather than a metal cage.

If anyone would like some eggs, our golden girls are happy and laying profusely, please contact us at the email address below.

Email: steveandvince@outlook.com

Donations of £1 – £1.50 a box would be gratefully accepted, to help towards their food and board, and will help us to be able to rescue some more.

look forward to you tasting these delicious eggs, and helping our Golden Girls.

Email: steveandvince@outlook.com

steve clarke
Author: steve clarke