Eastleach our home in the Cotswolds countryside


We currently have a council of 5 but our constitution allows for 7 so accordingly we have 2 vacancies.

To become a Councillor there are various qualifying boxes that have to be ticked: You need to reside within the Parish and It should be your
principle home.

You need to be on the Electoral register with your address in the Parish as being stated on the register. You must have lived in the Parish for a
minimum of 1 year.

The Council meets every two months (second Wednesday of the month) and there is also the Annual Parish Meeting to which all Councillors are expected to attend.

If you think you would like to join the PC and have a desire and commitment to support the community, please contact me and we can discuss the role in more

Pete McHugh, Chairman, Eastleach Parish Council. 01367 850041.

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