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Dear All

Today, I have to announce on the occasion of the planned AGM of Eastleach Parish Council (had we been allowed to have one), that I have tendered my resignation as Chair and member of the PC. Pressure of family matters mean that I can no longer devote the amount of time to the role and do it the justice it requires. I took the decision that this would be my last stint as Chair as far back as March 2019, several of my fellow Councillors were aware of this and anticipated my announcement today.

I have been a councillor for exactly 9 years and served as Chair since November 2013. I was elected as Chair on 7 successive occasions which makes me feel proud. I am also proud of my fairness and leadership skills that I brought to the PC and of my record in handling the issues and events that came our way during my tenure.

During my time on the PC, you have either written to me offering support or requests for action and guidance. I hope and trust that I didn’t fail you, if I didn’t, then I’m glad, if I failed you then I offer my humble apologies. At all times, I operated and encouraged the PC to operate within the guidelines that Parish Councils are restricted to.  Your role as a Villager or Parishioner is as hugely significant as any member of a Parish Council in trying to protect what needs protecting, to adapt when the environment dictates and to strengthen when things are weak.  

I do hope during the current situation that you and your family members are coping and healthy with the challenge that we are faced with.

I thank you for all your previous support.


Pete McHugh

steve clarke
Author: steve clarke