Over forthcoming issues, CHEQS Magazine will take a closer look at the people who run our local pubs/restaurants – starting with Thomas & Maya Gabbitas.

The Victoria Inn is a traditional Cotswold village pub, set on a rise overlooking the beautiful village of Eastleach. It was built as a private dwelling in the early 1700s and registered as a public house in the mid1800s. Arkell’s Brewery took it over from Courage in 1975.

Tom, Victoria Inn, Eastleach

The customers are mostly locals during the week, with the addition of walkers, city folk and families at the weekends. The new terrace is a great place to eat outside in good weather.

Thomas & Maya started out in the restaurants, cafes and pubs of Bristol before moving to Eastleach seven years ago. They have been running The Victoria Inn for the last three years. Maya is in charge of looking after the accounts and HR, while Tom runs the ‘front of house’, with a great team led by Eppie, Zoe & Jed. They are fortunate to have long-serving, loyal staff from the village and surrounding areas.

The kitchen is run by head chef Malcolm, ably assisted by Ashley. They like to keep the fare relatively simple and traditional, aiming at a timeless and classic ambience and menu, rather than anything too modern. The food is basically British, but influenced by classic French, Italian and Spanish cuisines, alongside the great pub classics.

The Victoria Inn also hosts an amazing slide blues guitarist, Will Killeen, every couple of months – as well as other live music throughout the year

Taken from CHEQS Community Magazine

Victoria Inn East leach By Andy Hill
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