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Eastleach Village Hall Defibrillator Training: 12th January 2019

As you know, Eastleach has a new Defibrillator and we are seeking those that want to have a briefing on Defibrillator training and awareness.  We had two well attended sessions but several people have said they would like to come along who were either unavailable or unaware of the training.

So very kindly, our local area trainer David Chapman will carry out the training with props and dummies so that all that attending are happy and comfortable with the process of using the device. The session lasts just over an hour depending on how many want to attend,

Saturday 12th January at 2pm

Please let me know if you would like to attend the training.

Pete McHugh

Eastleach Parish Council

01367 850041
07775 100917

steve clarke
Author: steve clarke