Energy saving grants letters are NOT endorsed by CDC

We have received several calls from residents in the Cotswolds who have received an unsolicited letter from Manchester-based company Energy Saving Grants Ltd.
The letter is headed ‘Important: we need a response from you‘ and informs the recipient that they have not registered their property for Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding to improve its energy efficiency.
The letter states ‘please respond by 28 February‘.  In the small print it acknowledges that the company is not a Local or National Authority.
The style of the letter implies to the casual reader that Cotswold District Council may have been involved in this mail out.
This is not the case.
We have had NO dealings with this company and have NOT been asked to endorse this scheme.
Bob McNally
Press and Media Liaison Officer,
Cotswold District Council
Tel: 01285 623120
Author: eastleach