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Judith Hann

Judith Hann is one of Britain’s leading science journalists and broadcasters known to millions after presenting BBC’s Tomorrow’s World for twenty years, as well as many other programmes on technology, health, food and the environment.

Judith was born in Littleover, Derby, Derbyshire, England) the daughter of former Derby County footballer and trainer Ralph Hann.

Ralph Hann

She was educated at the state girls’ school Parkfield Cedars Grammar School in Derby, Judith then attended the University of Durham, after graduating with a degree in Zoology, she trained as a newspaper journalist, and has since won the Glaxo Award for Science Writing on two occasions. She has written seven books on subjects including science, child care, nutrition, cooking and healthy lifestyle. Her most recent publication, How Science Works, has become an international bestseller, having been translated into over twenty languages and selling over one and a half million copies worldwide.

Judith regularly chairs conferences for major companies both in the UK and internationally, as well as for government departments and the European Commission. She sat for five years on the AEBC (the Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission) which the Government set up to give advice on future scientific developments in agriculture, including the genetic modification of crops and farm animals.

Judith Hann lives on a farm in the Cotswolds. She is married to John Exelby, a former executive at BBC News; they have two sons. She is passionate about herbs and has a very large garden.

Judith’s herb garden, containing over 150 different herbs, transformed her cooking so dramatically that she decided to run courses to teach other herb enthusiasts everything she had learned over many years of growing herbs and writing about healthy food.Judith made her beautiful herb garden from a derelict pig yard on her small farm in the South Cotswolds. The stone walls not only house figs, Morello cherries, roses, grapes and Japanese wineberries, they also trap the sensuous scents of the herbs and protect the plants so that they can thrive throughout the year. Visit her website: www.hannsherbs.co.uk

With John, Judith runs a media training and presentation skills centre where they teach people how to make the most of themselves and companies how to make the most of the media.

The Royal Society uses Judith’s skills and knowledge to run its media training and communications courses. These train the best young scientists in Britain to appear on TV and radio, give talks and write newspaper articles on all important new areas of science including climate change, GM food and medical advances.

A highly experienced and popular after dinner speaker, Judith also delivers keynote and conference presentations and is in particular demand for her views on information technology, health care, nutrition, futurology, telecommunications, conservation, the environment and ecology matters, and new technologies.

Judiths Books Include:

  • How Science Works (1991).
  • The Food of Love (1987).
  • Judith Hann’s Total Health Plan (1984).
  • But What About the Children? A Working Parents’ Guide to Child Care” (1976).
  • The Family Scientist (1979).
  • The Perfect Baby (1982).
  • Herbs (2017)© Judith Hann 2017

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