Letter From Council Re: Crime

I have written to the Cotswolds Council, addressed to our councillor three times, about all the crime in Eastleach over the past months.

I never received the courtesy of a reply previously, however call me cynical, with local elections looming , I suddenly got this reply to my last correspondence to Raymond Theodoulou

Councillor Raymond Theodoulou, (picture taken from the BBC under the heading: Gloucestershire councillors sleeping in emergency child services meeting).

I have also written a number of times to Martin Surl, the elected police and crime commissioner for Gloucestershire, no response. I guess he might respond when he’s coming up for re-election too.

Dear Mr Clarke,

Thank you for your email about theft in Eastleach.

The spate of thefts of property in and around the village is well known to the police whose representatives recently reported on the matter at a meeting of Lechlade Town Council. It is less clear what is being done about it.

The police have a regular speaking spot on the Lechlade TC agenda and though an officer does not always turn up a statistical report is usually provided for the meeting.

May I suggest the following:

1.That Eastleach residents continue to report theft and other anti-social behaviour to the police so at least they are in the police record.

2.That you suggest to Pete McHugh that he contact the police on behalf of the Parish Council inviting them to send an officer to attend your next PC meeting.

3.That Pete writes expressing residents’ concern about crime to the local police and furthermore that a copy of the letter be sent to Martin Surl,the elected police and crime commissioner for Gloucestershire . His address is at Waterwells Head Quarters in Gloucester.




I have complained to Mr Surl about rural crime but without much success; I do know that there is a team of officers who monitor crime in the villages because one of them attended a meeting at Coln St Aldwyns PC some little time ago.

I note that you have contacted the Council [CDC]. CDC have no role in policing however Pete might consider writing to the Leader of CDC,Cllr Tony Berry because the police do talk to the Leader from time to time.

Unfortunately in view of the forthcoming CDC elections this may not be the best of times to raise the matter but I will talk to Tony to ensure that rural crime is high on the agenda after the May election, assuming we are re-elected.

Working with the police on reduction of rural crime is one of my priorities in the forthcoming election.

Thank you for writing to me about this important issue.


Raymond Theodoulou

Martin Surl ,the elected police and crime commissioner for Gloucestershire
steve clarke
Author: steve clarke