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Bee Swarm Collection

Bee-Swarm www.eastleach.org

It you have a Bee Swarm in or around your property, your local Swarm co-ordinator who can arrange removal is Stephen Greenaway SN4 9DH (Wroughton, Swindon).

07932172760 or evenings 01793 638063.

Email: stephen@beenucs.co.uk

Bee Swarm,what not to do

  • Firstly, do NOT spray a pesticide or any other chemicals. This could provoke the bees, and is completely unnecessary. Also, given the difficulties faced by all bees including honey bees, we need to take care to preserve the ones we have – or look forward to massively rising food prices, as well as failure of flower and garden crops.
  • Do not throw sticks, rocks or other items at the swarm in an attempt to drive it away!  You’ll only aggravate the bees!


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