Local Crime Update by Parish Council

Dear fellow Eastleach Villagers.

I would like to share with you the response received from Gloucestershire Constabulary Police Crime Commissioner regarding the irritating low level crime we and several other local villages and towns suffered during the last few months. Our main issue was to extract knowledge from the PCC that crimes that were reported were not just limited to our local force as we boarder very closely two other Constabularies. The reply was pretty prompt and gives us some degree of satisfaction that our concerns have been recognised and noted. 

It remains to be seen if the actions and arrests made have the desired effect, but the need to be vigilant, careful and of course to continue to report crimes to the Police remains imperative.

Pete McHugh
Eastleach Parish Council

The following is the original letter sent to Mr Surl

Dear Mr Surl

Ref: Crime in the rural community

Over recent weeks, our village of Eastleach, just like so many in the area, has suffered what can only be described as a major increase in low level criminal activity. We have witnessed thefts from cars on 4 or 5 occasions, number plate theft on at least 3 occasions, theft from garden sheds of e.g. gardening tools and equipment, plus a vehicle theft. All the crimes have been reported.

Ours is an extremely rural and isolated location at the boundary of your area and at the edges of neighbouring forces of Thames Valley and Wiltshire, so we know we are not going to have frequent police patrols. We are aware that the current criminal activity is also being witnessed in nearby Lechlade, Highworth and Carterton as well as surrounding villages. News of crimes are sent out to our villagers via the village web-site, but questions have been asked of the Parish Council and the District and County Councillor about what we can do to establish a plan of action and methods of deterrent.

We are without street lighting and with few garages on-road parking is common. We also have a few unoccupied cottages as the owners are either absent or are only present at weekends.

What we seek is some reassurance that forces are communicating with each other and that actions are being taken to combat this worrying increase in crime.

In addition, do you have any recommendations for actions that we can take to help protect our property?

Yours sincerely Pete McHugh

Chairman Eastleach Parish Council

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