LOCAL MEAT PRODUCERS For those who care about animal welfare, but also like eating meat

Sandy Hill Mob

For those who care about animal welfare, but also like eating meat

Laura and Matthew Elliott used to live and work at Macaroni Downs Farm, Eastleach and now manage the Sandy Hill Mob at Sandy Hill Farm in Sherborne. They are producing and selling boxes of 100% grass-fed pedigree Hereford beef which is certified by the Pasture Fed Livestock Association. Their beef is fed on a pasture-only diet and raised to the highest welfare standards. Their cattle are ‘mob grazed’ – grazing is managed, to ensure that the animals are moved regularly, and do not over-graze the land. This has benefits both for the cattle’s health and for the wider environment. In the past two years of mob-grazing, they have seen great improvements in the flora and fauna.

Eastleach Downs Organic Farm

Sam and Helen Wade have been farming organically at Eastleach Downs for nearly 30 years and originally chose to be organic because of animal welfare concerns. They have also come to
realise the huge benefits to the environment of organically farmed land, and they now have various pieces of land in Higher Level Organic Stewardship.

Eastleach Downs pigs are outside all year round and are raised to the highest welfare standards. All the produce is handmade in the on-farm butchery and is only ever from pigs born and reared on the farm.

Free delivery in CHEQS area

For those who care about animal welfare, but also like eating meat

Laura and Matthew have recently linked up with Sam and Helen to sell their produce. They offer free delivery of their beef and pork boxes to the area covered by the CHEQS magazine – see www.sandyhillmob.co.uk/delivery for details.

Boxes are sold every other month at the moment, but they expect this to become more frequent
over the next year. They will next be taking orders in August for delivery of boxes early in September. To find out more about their farming, and how to order a box of pasture-fed beef or organic pork please visit the website www.sandyhillmob.co.uk

Merryfield Farm

The Emmerson family also have meat to sell – locally reared lamb, grazed on the banks of the river Leach, near Aldsworth. All meat is separately wrapped and labelled and delivered free of charge to the local area. Delivery is around the 15th of the month. Various options are available (legs can be cut into steaks if preferred):

£45 Quarter-Lamb (≈ 5kg) half-leg, half-shoulder, 4 double chops, 300g diced lamb
£80 Half-Lamb (≈ 10kg) 2 x half-leg, 2 x half-shoulder, 9 double chops, 600g diced lamb
£150 Whole Lamb (≈ 20kg) 4 x half-leg, 4 x half-shoulder, 18 double chops, 1.2kg diced lamb

Contact Edward on 07950137820 or email edwardemmerson@hotmail.com

steve clarke
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