Love is the topping for new pizza on Valentine’s Day In Lechlade

Julie Moss and Charlie Hill raise a glass to love

A Cotswold pub is serving up a slice of love this Valentines with specially baked heart shaped pizzas.

The Riverside Inn in Lechlade is offering up a variety of tasty toppings, including a spicy one for the hot lovers in the popular pub, and all in the name of Valentine’s Day when they will be added to the special romantic set menu available on the night.

“We are hoping to have a pizza of the heart of Lechlade after this,” new manager Charlie Hill said.

“You could almost say it is in love that we crust.”

Arkell’s Brewery’s managed house controller Julie Moss, who own the venue said: “Charlie’s jokes are almost as cheesy as the toppings.

“It is a fun idea and shows that Charlie is getting into the spirit of things at The Riverside.

“You never know, we may get a marriage proposal on the night over one of the romantic pizzas.”

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steve clarke
Author: steve clarke