Eastleach our home in the Cotswolds countryside


Villagers and visitors to the Eastleach Fete all know and love Maureen’s jams and marmalade as they are always a great hit.

Now you don’t have to wait till August to enjoy this Eastleach, Cotswolds classic, as the marmalade is on sale at the Village pub, The Victoria Inn.

Proceeds go to the village hall refurbishment fund, so visitors can enjoy the great taste and put a bit back into our community .

Alternatively if like Maureen you have the dedication you can make your own Eastleach Marmalade, recipe below.

It won’t be a touch on Maureen’s , so get along the pub and enjoy !


1 kg Seville oranges (usually 7)

1 large lemon

2 litres water (approx.)

2.2 kg sugar


Makes 11 or 12 jars (340 g sized)



1. Scrub the fruit. Score into quarters and peel. Remove most of the pith from the peel, reserve peel and place pith in a large lidded pan. Chop fruit roughly (no need to squeeze or deseed) into the pan with 1 litre of water, and bring to a simmer for one hour.
2. While the fruit/pith mixture is simmering, cut the peel into small strips with scissors and place them in a large lidded casserole with 500ml water. Microwave for 10 mins on high and then 30 mins on simmer. The peel must be really soft. 
3. Meanwhile, wash jars and lids, and sterilize in oven at 120o C for at least 20 minutes. 
4. Mash the simmered fruit/pith and push through a sieve, draining the juice into a large jam pan. Put mushed contents of the sieve back into first pan and boil up again with about 300 mls water for about 15 mins, to extract more pectin. Mash and strain again, pressing out as much liquid as possible into the jam pan. Discard what is left of the mush, pips etc.
5. Add the cooked peel and liquid into the jam pan.
6. Heat gently, add sugar and stir until sugar has dissolved.
7. Bring to a full rolling boil on high heat until setting point is reached at 105o C. This should take less than 20 mins.
8. Remove jam pan from heat and allow to stand for 15-20mins to cool the marmalade to a thickness that preventspeel from rising in the jars. Remove any scum.
9. Place warm jars ready. Stir marmalade to evenly disperse peel shreds.
10. Fill jars carefully (using a soup ladle) leaving a small air space. Wipe any spills off jar rims, as they can make lids difficult to open later. Place lids on loosely as you go, to fill neck with steam and push out air. As soon as batch is poured, tighten the lids firmly. With ‘popping’ lids the buttons will stay down once cooled if you have a good, airtight seal.
11. When cold, label jars and place them proudly on your shelf.



steve clarke
Author: steve clarke