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Nadia Benois – Artist

Nadezhda Leontievna Ustinova (Надежда Леонтьевна Устинова), née Benois (Бенуа), better known as Nadia Benois (1896–1975[), was a Russian painter of still life and landscape, and stage designer.

She lived with her husband at no. 49 Eastleach, Gloucestershire, where he died in 1962.

49 Eastleach

Her father Leon Benois belonged to the Benois family. Nadezhda studied how to be an artist at St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts. In 1920, Benois moved along with her husband, Jona Ustinov to London.

in the course of her travels, Benois painted the impressionist landscapes of London street, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, as well as around her home in Eastleach.

She exhibited her works in the Goupil, Redfern, Beaux-Arts, and other galleries. Some of her still-lives were acquired by the Tate Galleryin 1936. 

Later in life, Benois used her talents to help the career of her son Peter Ustinov by formatting the screenplays and plays and creating costumes and sets for the films Vice Versa and Private Angelo.

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