During the Annual Parish Meeting in the Spring of 2018, the thorny subject of Dog Fouling was once again a topic of concern to villagers.

Many will recall the issue that our local farmer had with cattle aborting and the steps he has taken to provide “Poop Scoops” to remove the offending dog waste out of harms way for both livestock and walkers. But there is still concern about dog waste in Eastleach and Fyfield.

The Parish Council had previously funded bins in strategic locations but alas, we still have poor ownership routines from visitors and locals who feel that its beneath them to clean up after their dog.

The PC has purchased two further bins: a general waste bin at the “layby” by the Thames Water pump station and a dog waste bin by the old Telephone Exchange near the Allotments.

Dog waste can be deposited in all the general waste bins in our village; they are emptied each Wednesday. Failure to pick up dog waste is an offence and can carry a fine of £1000.

We are sure that dog walkers want to believe that our Village is worth their effort and that it is their duty to be responsible pet owners.

Eastleach Parish Council

steve clarke
Author: steve clarke