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Are you ready to Ride & Stride, 2020 ?

This year’s ‘Ride & Stride’ in aid of the Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust is on Saturday 12th September 2020.

This is a splendid opportunity to raise money for a very worthwhile cause – the Trust has been of great help over the years in contributing to the repair of our lovely village churches in Eastleach

The idea is to arrange sponsorship for walking, cycling or riding around local churches – the itinerary is yours to decide.

Watch out for further details, but meanwhile why not contact your village organizer if you’d like to offer to take part, or to help in other ways:

Eastleach –Nen Sutcliffe (01367 850239);

More about Ride & Stride

Our 2020 plans are now complete – read on!

Ride+Stride is a nationwide event supported by the National Churches Trust but organised by local historic churches trusts. 

All around the country on the second Saturday in September each year, thousands of people are sponsored to travel from church to church by walking, cycling or other methods.  

Funds raised are split between the Trust and local churches in Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire and North Bristol.

As lock down restrictions have eased and churches re-opened, we will be holding a Ride+Stride event as planned on 12th September 2020. With churches having been shut for so long, the need for financial help for church renovation and maintenance is probably greater than ever so raising funds is particularly crucial this year to enable us to maintain our grant programme.

2020 is an unusual year and we are making some changes to Ride+Stride to help our supporters.   This year we are asking those who support us to choose from the options below or a combination of them depending on your circumstances. We would stress, whatever you choose to do, please do ensure that you are comfortable with what you are planning and of course do abide by the latest government guidance.

Option 1

Carry on with Ride+Stride as normal and ride/walk/drive between churches for sponsorship. Be aware that churches may not be open like they would usually be to offer greetings and refreshments. Where we know a church will be open we will put it on this website.

Option 2

Take part in a sponsored event at home (or other suitable location), for example, 100 laps of the garden, paint a painting, ride an exercise bike for 20 minutes or, indeed, anything that you can think of that you can do!

Option 3

Make a single or regular donation to us to show your support for Ride+Stride and GHCT via Just Giving.

We are simplifying our Ride+Stride administration to reflect the current situation. A significant change is that we will be trying to avoid manual handling so we’ll be promoting online payment and we will not be sending out packs of information as in previous years.

For the sponsored options 1 and 2 above we’ll also be splitting the proceeds 50/50 with the local church as in previous years.

steve clarke
Author: steve clarke