Recycling and waste shake-up in Cotswolds announced: what you need to know

The changes are due to begin on March 18

The recycling service in the Cotswolds is getting a shake-up with lots of new details residents will need to know about.

The changes are due to begin on March 18 and they are designed to allow residents to be able to recycle more.

The recycling service in the Cotswolds is getting a shake-up with lots of new details residents will need to know about.

The changes are due to begin on March 18 and they are designed to allow residents to be able to recycle more.

Provided by Cotswold District Council, the main changes announced today include:

  • Improved recycling collections, including new items – textiles and shoes, small electricals, cartons (Tetra Pak) and household batteries;
  • A new cardboard bag for extra capacity;
  • A new outdoor bin for food waste. Residents will no longer be able to put food waste in their garden waste bin (if they subscribe to the service).

Food waste will be collected weekly.

Refuse and recycling collections will remain fortnightly, and garden waste collections will also switch to fortnightly.

Discussing the changes, Councillor Andrew Doherty (LD, Fairford North), Cabinet Member for Waste, Flooding and Environment, said: “We all have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet, recycling more will help us to do this. People here in the Cotswolds already achieve good recycling rates, but we need to do even better. These changes will help make that possible.

Watch video here

“Our new video outlines the key changes we’re making and what households need to do next. I’d recommend residents watch it to familiarise themselves with the changes that are coming in March. They will be receiving a leaflet through the post this week which explains the next steps.”

The details of these changes, and instructions on how to use the new services, will be sent as part of an information pack to residents from the week commencing February 3. 

In the meantime, the council is encouraging any residents who do not have two black recycling boxes or an indoor food caddy to order them via the council either by calling 01285 623123, emailing going to


When does the new system start?

March 18.

What should I have?

A blue bag, a  grey outdoor food waste bin and a green kitchen caddy.

How often will collections be made?

Food waste collections will continue on a weekly basis.

Food waste will be collected separately from garden waste and will need to be presented in the new grey outdoor food waste bin that each household will receive.

Use your green kitchen caddy to collect food waste from the home.

How about recycling collections?

Recycling collections will continue on a fortnightly basis.

Do the collection day changes affect everyone?

The changes the council are making will affect approximately 14% of households in the district.

What do I do with my old blue cardboard sack/s?

Unfortunately, the old blue cardboard sacks are non-recyclable. They can be disposed of in your grey wheeled refuse bin or if you wish, repurposed and reused at home.

I have put my recycling/refuse/garden waste out on the correct day but my collection was missed, what do I do?

Please report a missed collection to customer services by e-mail, call 01285 623123 or report it online and we’ll make sure that the crew returns.

You must report a missed collection within two working days following your collection day.

I put my bins out on the wrong day, what do I do?

If this occurs in the first 2-4 weeks after the service change please e-mail or call 01285 623123. They will request that the crews return where possible – however, this cannot be guaranteed, and you may need to wait until your next collection day or if convenient take any excess to a Household Recycling Centre.

I live in a flat – are my collection days changing?

If your collection day is changing you will receive a letter which will state which day your waste/recycling will be collected.

Why should I separate my recycling now, why can’t the crews continue to do this?

The council sells the material it collects for recycling and it is worth more if it is clean and better sorted. The money we receive offsets some of the collection costs and helps to keep down the cost of your council tax. It can take a lot of time for collection crews to sort recyclable materials at the kerbside, all the while using expensive fuel and creating carbon. To support the new service, and to make sure it’s as cost effective as possible, it’s important that residents sort their recycling in to the correct boxes and bags, as this will help us speed up collections. This means the crews will spend less time blocking roads and pavements, providing another benefit to Cotswold residents and visitors.

Under the new service, any recycling which is incorrectly presented will not be collected.

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