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Repair Cafe Comes To Eastleach????

Repair Cafe Propsed For Eastleach

I would like to set up a repair cafe in Eastleach. The idea is that people donate their time and expertise in fixing and mending portable household items, clothes, bikes etc.

Pass on skills before they are lost – Eastleach Repair Cafe

This would take place at the Eastleach village hall and tea and cake would also be available to buy ( proceeds to the hall).People have a designated slot and are then shown how to mend said item.

There are national models to help us start up.

Please could anyone who would like to help, contact me?

Anyone with specific skills (does not have to be qualified/professional) please contact me with what you are good at.

Involve all the Community – Eastleach Repair Cafe

I think it would be a proper community way to address the environmental crisis and the throwaway culture that we find ourselves in, not to mention a lovely social opportunity for our community.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you, Tash ????

Please email how you can help to steveandvince@outlook.com and we will pass it on to Tash.

Don’t Toss it Mend it – Eastleach Repair Cafe
steve clarke
Author: steve clarke