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Richard Fitzgerald Pons

Richard Fitz Pons (c. 1080 – 1129) was an Anglo-Norman nobleman, active as a marcher lord on the border with Wales.

The Pons Family Arms
The Pons Family Arms

He is described as a follower of Bernard de Neufmarche, and probably first builder of Bronllys Castle. He started construction at Llandovery Castle in 1116.

His father was Pons fitz Pons.

He married Matilda Fitz Walter (died after 1127), daughter of Walter Fitz Roger, sheriff of Gloucester, and Bertha de Ballun. Walter de Clifford was one of their four children.

St Michael and St Martins Church, Eastleach
St Michael and St Martins Church, Eastleach

Richard was the heir of Drogo fitz Pons and Walter fitz Pons, both mentioned in the Domesday Survey. He is now taken to be their nephew. They had lands in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Pinxton in Derbyshire, Glasshampton in Worcestershire.

The church of St Michael & St Martin in Eastleach was founded by Richard Fitz Pons.



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