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Shed Robberies

Information sent on behalf of Gloucestershire Constabulary

Recently there have been a few shed breaks / attempted shed breaks in the area. There have been no attempts to gain access to houses, just sheds.

The offenders are unscrewing all the hinges to shed doors in order to gain access.
Below are a few tips to improve the security around your shed:

• Shut and lock any gates into a back garden.
• Secure sheds with grilles over windows, strong hinges and a good lock.
• Security lights can have a positive effect, so think about installing one.
• Display a sign warning thieves that all valuables have been removed.
• Fit a shed alarm to the inside of your shed, and put a sign up saying the shed has an alarm.
• Photograph valuables and record serial numbers.
• Record serial numbered items on ‘www.immobilse.com’.
• Forensically mark valuable items with a UV pen or Smart Water.
• Lock valuables, even when inside the shed.

Message sent by Mike Edwards (Police, PCSO, Gloucester)

steve clarke
Author: steve clarke