Eastleach our home in the Cotswolds countryside

Sit for a while – Eastleach

Sit for a while – Eastleach
ATH Photographic, Image by Andy Hill of Eastleach.
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Please Sit a While with Me 

I know how much I hurt you I can see it in your eyes,

You trusted me and then I broke your heart.

Forgiveness is too much to ask, I’ve told so many lies

But I miss you every day that we’re apart.

Won’t you come and sit a while with me?

I know I don’t deserve a second chance.

It was your love that raised me up and set me free

And you alone can make my spirit dance.


My life was meaningless until you came along

You taught me values I had never known.

With you I faced my demons and you made me strong

Without you all that’s good in life has flown.


Won’t you come and sit a while with me?

I’m so sorry more than words can ever say.

I love you and I need you and you’ll always be

The one who made me whole in every way.


I was afraid to love you thought I’d let you down

Not be the kind of man your heart desired.

I laughed and teased and acted like a crazy clown

Became the kind of man you least admired.


Won’t you come and sit a while with me?

Please smile at me the way you used to do.

I need your love to be the man I want to be

My life means nothing if I don’t have you.


steve clarke
Author: steve clarke