Stonehenge had a roof!

New research by Fyfield ( Village near Eastleach) landscape architect, Sarah Ewbank, using previously overlooked evidence from stone positions, has established Stonehenge was a majestic building with a huge trussed roof.

This claim is supported by nine points of evidence.

Sarah has reproduced an original plan used to locate the central stone trilithons. She’s calculated Stonehenge’s bronze-age unit of measurement as 1.037 metres, about a pace, and named it a ‘baunt’, bronze-age unit.

Sarah say’s ‘Fortunately enough clues exist to unlock Stonehenge’s mystery. The building’s brilliant design included a lofty, oval hall overlooked by galleries, a full-circle outer walk-way and a ceremonial entrance’.  She believes the building was multi-purpose, used as both a temple and venue, and may have been heated.

eastleach village - stone henge a eastleach village - stone henge

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