Eastleach our home in the Cotswolds countryside

The Donkey Paddock Eastleach

Friends and neighbours, have told us fondly, that in days gone by , donkeys, horses and cows, have all been resident in “The Donkey Paddock” located between the Clock Tower and he bank at the bottom of the Victoria Inn, Eastleach,

Vince and myself have tried to bring the old donkey paddock back to life, with a selection of chickens, ducks and goats.

Many residents of the village and visitors have told us how much they appreciate being able to spend some time watching them. We often get asked what breeds they all are, so have put together the following pages……………………….

Click on the caption to find out more about each.

Pekin Bantam , Indian Runner Duck, Frizzles, Miniature Appleyards, Khaki Campbell Duck, Golden Guernsey Goats, Cherry Valley Ducks, Barnevelder, Hybrids.

steve clarke
Author: steve clarke