World Record Attempt at the Victoria Inn

Please join us at the Victoria Inn, Eastleach for the World’s Biggest Quiz
Bringing pub quizers across the UK together to raise money for good causes

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At 7.30pm on Sunday 7 February 2016, join us at The Victoria Inn and thousands of quizzers simultaneously around the nation, answer the first in a series of questions in the World’s Biggest Quiz.

Organised by Pubaid, supported by JustGiving, the aim of the evening is to raise money for local causes and charities. Over 550 have already been nominated.

We’re also trying to break the Guinness World Record for the largest multi-venue quiz.

So if you’re a quizzer or would like to become one, be great to see you on on Sunday.

Sue Richardson

Victoria Inn, Eastleach

Find out more about the Victoria Inn, here.


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