Village Pub Bench – Daffodils Eastleach

Village Pub Bench – Daffodils Eastleach

Million Daffodils

My vision is the azure sky
And dreams are Paradise
My dwelling is behind the wall
I’m hidden to probing eyes
My nature unpredictable
My favourite subject Moods
I listen to silent melodies
And relish simple foods
Sunset is my favorite poem
Daily writ by Nature
Every day I keep on learning
Life is my teacher
I’m fond of reading worthy poems
And wish for writing so
My muse is mostly kind to me
And fills my pen with flow
I do not know the heavy words
But choose the simple ones
My themes are taken from the life
Of flowers and of guns
If journey stops on the way
And then comes my Exit
Requesting you do not forget
My simple, tender writs
Being complex as Algebra sums
Best minds will solve me right
So take care in your ways of life
And do not take me light! ! !

by Shahzia Batool

ATH Photographic, Image by Andy Hill of Eastleach.

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