Snowdrops Gallery

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Eastleach is famous for its display of daffodils in the early spring, however the Snowdrops that lift their flowers early in the New Year are always delight.

Please enjoy our snowdrop gallery

“Peeping through the snow
You are so beautiful and white
How gracefully you grow. Dear, dainty little Snowdrop
So brave for one so small
You push your way through the hard, hard soil
To give pleasure to us all. Beautiful little Snowdrop
You are a harbinger of Spring
We know full well when you are gone
Other flowers will begin. But for all the beauty of other flowers
There are none that compare
With you, dear little Snowdrop
So dainty and so fair. And so dear little Snowdrop
Your beauty will always shine
And give us mortals pleasure
Time after time after time.”

by Peggy Crossley