Eastleach our home in the Cotswolds countryside

Bert Puffitt of Eastleach

Bert Puffitt, collecting water- No. 36 Eastleach

Bert Puffitt was born and lived at number 36, Eastleach.

He maintained a beautiful garden full of vegetables and flowers, which must have been very hard work as he had to collect water from the tap at the bottom of the steps near to the ”Donkey Paddock”, as at that time his cottage didn’t have mains running water.

Bert’s granddaughter, Denise still lives in the village. Denise and her husband, Dick were the last couple both born in Eastleach to also get married in the village.

Sir Thomas Bazley made fresh water available through the village with standpipes, this one is at of the bottom of steps by Alms houses.
Berts daughter and her husband the proud parents of Denise, who was in the pram enjoying a walk by the river in Eastleach
steve clarke
Author: steve clarke