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At the Annual Parish Meeting in April, it was suggested by a member of the village that Eastleach could do with a Defibrillator, the suggestion was welcomed by the rest of those in attendance and got unanimous approval from the Parish Council.

I’m delighted to say we now have the Defibrillator and it will be installed in the coming few weeks at the rear car park entrance at the Victoria Inn.

The purchase of the Defibrillator was made using the “Bazley Fund” which is an entirely right and proper use of this bequest from the Bazely Family as it was intended for the good of the Village and its People.

I would like to extend our thanks on behalf of the village to Tom & Maya Gabbitas and Arkell’s Brewery for their help and assistance throughout the process.

Pete McHugh

Chairman Eastleach Parish Council

steve clarke
Author: steve clarke


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