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Cheqs Magazine – April 2021

Welcome to the April edition of the new CHEQS Magazine!  Your community magazine – supported by representatives of the five village communities, Coln St Aldwyns, Hatherop, Quenington, East­leach and Southrop.

Hello from…… Patti Price

After four years working in The Hague, coming to live in Coln St Aldwyns was a bit of a shock to the system. Instead of being among a very multi-national and multi-cultural community, suddenly everyone was white and British. No problem, just very different! And coming from a large and lively church service in ordinary English to a rather smaller one here, using language 500 years old, emphasised the change.

I spent my childhood in the countryside of Warwickshire and I am a country girl at heart, so coming to such a gorgeous area and to wonderfully kind and welcoming people was pure pleasure. Having settled in, my next job involved a daily commute to London leaving around 5.30am and on a good day getting back around 8pm. In winter, I only saw the garden at weekends – if I wasn’t working abroad in Europe or South America.

Shortly after arriving, in the summer of 1990, I was encouraged to start a family service for children, noticeable by their absence from church services. So, with lots of local involvement, Together at Ten was born – a monthly half hour ‘short, sharp and simple’ service, geared for the under-12s and their parents. This continued for some 10 years, mainly in Hatherop church, then moved into the chapel in Quenington (now the village hall) as a weekly event, becoming known as The Gate on the Green. By this time I had retired, so doing it weekly was no problem – and anyway there was a large team of extremely gifted people who did most of the work!

For me there have been two other bonuses to living in this beautiful place. The first, that I was invited to take services in all five CHEQS churches. That way I have met and become friends with many more people than I might otherwise have known and that has been particularly enriching. The second, that I have now lived longer in this one place than anywhere else in my entire life. In the past I averaged 4 years. But now I have been able to see babies growing up to adulthood, and have developed a sense of belonging instead of just passing through. The downside to a long stay is visiting the churchyards and seeing the names of older friends made when I first came! But then I remember our shared faith in a risen Lord, which we will celebrate in this month of Easter. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we too will rise and meet again in a different and better world.

Margaret Stranks – Editor

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