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Coln, Hatherop and Quenington CountryFile Ramble for Children in Need

If you watched the BBC COUNTRYFILE programme on Sunday evening you’ll know that they launched this year’s CountryFile Ramble for Children in Need. All of the BBC rambles are a long way from us, so we’re organising a CountryFile Ramble right here! 

But it’s not just for us – invite your friends or relatives who live elsewhere to come and join in. It’s a three-mile off-road ramble on footpaths in the Coln Valley, starting and finishing at Coln Bridge where free parking will be available. Of course the aim is to raise money for Children in Need so the idea is that you ask people to sponsor you for taking part. Our ramble will take place at 10am on Saturday 13th October. You’ll find all the information you’ll need at our special website: www.chqramble.weebly.com but should you have any questions that aren’t answered there, you can contact us via the website. 

Although you can just turn up on the day, we’d prefer you to register if you plan to come, so that we know numbers and can keep you updated with latest information. You can do that via the website. 

Thank you very much! 


steve clarke
Author: steve clarke