Eastleach our home in the Cotswolds countryside

We need your MUSCLE !

Eastleach Fete Saturday 24th August…….. we need your MUSCLE !

Eastleach Fete Saturday 24th August…….. we need your MUSCLE !

Dear fellow Villager

The hard work is about to begin and we can never do this without your willing support and help. I have a schedule of tasks below that need man/woman/teen power, more hands will get the job done quicker.

Timings and dates:

Sunday 18th August 4pm (for around 1 hour maximum) at Village Hall

All items from under the stage removed and stacked away. Tables erected for White Elephant.

We need around 4 people to assist. Barb Hann will supervise the placing of tables.

Friday 23rd August 4pm (around 1 hour)

Chairs and tables to be collected from Southrop and brought over to Eastleach. This will require a trailer and around 4 strong and able bodies.

Friday 23rd August 5pm (around 2 & a half hours) at Village Hall & Field

Erection of the main marquee. This needs 8 to 10 able people to assist.

Saturday 24th August 10am (around 3 hours) at Village Hall & Field

Start erecting tents and placing of tables for the various attractions.

Position signs for the various attractions.

Set up parking area in the field and direction signs around the village.

As many of you as possible, the Fete can only be a success with your help and assistance.

Saturday 24th August 4.30pm around 2 & a half hours at Village Hall & Field

Break down tents, stack chairs & tables on trailer for return to Southrop.

Store tents and signs under stage. Break down marquee. Pick up signs & remove parking fence area from field. As many of you as possible, the Fete equipment has to be put away on the day.

Please email or call me so I can add you to my list of volunteers.

Thanks in anticipation.

Pete McHugh




07775 100917

Eastleach Village Fete 2019
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