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William and James Jones

This Week in History – Eastleach Turville

On the 2 May 1801, William and James Jones were hanged at Gloucester County Prison, for burglary.

The brothers came from Eastleach Turville, two of a family of nine children.

They were tried at the Gloucestershire Assizes in April 1801, and found guilty of breaking into a house in Eastleach Turville and stealing goods with a total value of five pounds.

They were buried together in the graveyard of Eastleach Turville Parish Church on 6 May. I have tried to find their graves but to date, no luck, if you can help, please drop me a line – steve.clarke@eastleach.org .

William was 28 years old and James was only 22.

The burial register noted that they had been hanged at Gloucester for housebreaking.

Gallows – Gloucester Gaol

Gloucester Gaol began life as Gloucester Castle, around 1185. By the 17th century the main function of the castle was as a gaol. Bad reports in 1777 and the vision of local reformers resulted in a new Gaol being built in 1791 on the same site. Unfortunately, few records of the old castle gaol survive.

The new building contained a gaol, penitentiary, and house of correction. Until 1878 the Gaol was under the control of the Gloucestershire Quarter Sessions. After this time the gaol became HM Prison Gloucester, which became an all male prison in 1915.

Prisoners usually came from courts in Gloucester, Worcester, and Hereford.

Treadmill – Gloucester Gaol

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