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Many of you will know of Happy Beans, the wiggling and warbling group for pre-schoolers and babies that takes place in and around Quenington.

I want to bring to your attention the birth of other Beans … all of which are community-inspired industries with happiness at their heart.

First of all is Runner Beans, a running club where we use laughter to condition the core.  Open to all abilities from the super-fast to the dedicated walkers – men and women, young or a little bit older.  Then there’s K’Roaky Beans, which is an informal singing group where we sing and we chortle and then giggle and sing.  It’s about singing to make you feel better, lighten the world and lift your hearts.  Then there’s Cre8aBeans, which is creative fun for pre-schoolers and toddlers, with the emphasis being on the process and the joy involved in the creating.

Each Bean runs at various locations, days and dates and have costs involved … but perhaps I can direct you to www.bizziebeans.co.uk which will answer all those questions.  If they don’t, then contact me, Lizzie on 01285 750716 or



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