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Eastleach Village Playground Update

Fundraising To Date:

A HUGE thank you to all of you who went to the trouble of voting on the Aviva site and encouraging your friends and family to do the same in our bid to get a community project grant. In all, we got over 2000 votes, https://www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk/voting/project/view/16-2262 which was incredibly impressive for a village of 140 homes. Sadly  we did not make the cut in the end.

Had Avivia applied a proportionate resident quota to their awards system, they should not have given a community of 3000 with a mere 4000 votes anything at all. Not that we are bitter.

The good news is that thanks to generous donations from the Lechlade Lions, the PCC and some very kind residents we do have some money in the bank and a good starter amount has been raised so far – we have around a third of the total needed – some £32,000 inc VAT.

The wonderful Paul O’Shaunessy is doing the form filling for a further grant from the CDC, and we are hopeful for some funds via our Tory Councillor Raymond Theodolu, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that the coffers continue to swell.

The Work:

As you will perhaps have noticed, the swings have already gone, and the little play house and slide will be being removed shortly. Nothing will happen in terms of renovations and repairs before March 2017 (which is when MacVenture can start work), so meanwhile the fundraising will continue.  And things will then be added – starting with the swings (£8,600 including the floor) – piecemeal, as the funds arrive.

Future Fundraising:

Rachel Jakeman, with support from husband Kevin, is putting together a sub-committee of playground users – starting with the Toddler Group, obviously – to raise money for specific items. “Something Bouncy” was mentioned! She will be looking for volunteers and letting us know of future fun events as and when. You can contact her on racheljakeman55@gmail.com with your ideas and support.

We also have a date for our biennial village ‘has Eastleach got any talent?’ party which is currently planned for Saturday 25th February 2017 – you might want to make a note of the date in your new diaries. Details will be forthcoming in the new year, when we will be looking for volunteers for making puddings  and fools of themselves, sorry, give some stellar performances.

With best wishes,

Merry (on behalf of the Eastleach village hall committee)



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