Forecasters predicting we will see the white stuff this week.

After the wind and the rain could come the snow.

Forecasters are predicting snow fall for Gloucestershire over three days this week as the unsettled weather continues in the county.

While predictions fluctuate, the white stuff has been on the radar for major forecasters over the recent days.

And on Monday, the Met Office was saying there could be sleet on Tuesday evening and light snow showers in the early hours of Wednesday and on Thursday in Gloucestershire.

We could first see sleet in the Cotswolds and Forest of Dean on Tuesday from around 3pm to 5pm, then snow showers in Cirencester at around 3am on Wednesday.

Snow showers could then fall in the Forest of Dean at around 6am on Thursday and then in Stroud, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury at around 9am.

When the Met Office says snow could fall.

Cheltenham: Thursday 9am, light snow shower

Gloucester: Tuesday 10pm, light snow

Cirencester: Thursday 6am, light snow

Stroud: Thursday, 6am to noon, sleet

Forest of Dean (Coleford): Thursday, 6am to noon, light snow shower

Cotswolds (Stow): Tuesday: 6pm to 10pm, sleet

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