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Damage to the new Village Hall Playground – Help Needed

The New Playground – Eastleach Village Hall.

Yesterday, whilst meeting with our County and District Councillor to get the final contribution towards the funding of the playground, I was confronted with what can only be described as mindless vandalism to the new table.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to see marks to the table top scorched in with a cigarette lighter. I am sure everyone in the village who has worked so hard and put their hard-earned cash and helped rally round other benefactors to contribute to the fund will be equally annoyed, angered and dismayed.

This is a message to all parents in the village, please impress upon your children, however old they may be, that this playground is for the enjoyment of all and that vandalism to it won’t be tolerated. I will make good the surface of the table before any other obscene images appear.

On a more positive note on the same subject, you will have noticed that the drystone wall directly behind the Playground has been in a bit of a poor state for some time. There is a stile over it at this point although hardly useable.


Helen Wade and I have discussed this and come up with a plan. I have enlisted the help of Sarah Ewbank who will assist me (and improve my stone walling skills) in rebuilding the wall.


This is where we need your help; we need a bit more stone to make the wall look complete than is already to hand. We are probably looking at needing half to a full tonne of field stone to make up the short fall. If you can contribute some spare stone I would be hugely grateful. Please give me a call so we can discuss timings and stone collection or delivery.

Kind regards Pete McHugh
Chairman Eastleach Parish Council.
tel: 850041

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