The results of the first Speed Watch surveys undertaken in Quenington (Coneygar Road on 20 Feb and Fairford Road on 22 Feb) confirm that we do have a serious problem and there is plenty of room for improvement, particularly at Coneygar Road. That said, this was our first survey within the village and it was clearly a surprise for many drivers seeing us out for the first time.  In the one hour survey period we observed 28 vehicles: 13 were exceeding the 30 mph limit, with three doing 39 mph, one doing 40 mph and one doing 44mph.

In contrast it was pleasing to see so many drivers seemingly more aware and hence driving more considerately on the Fairford Road just a few days later.  Here we observed 45 vehicles: 10 were exceeding the speed limit with five doing 34 mph, one doing 35mph, one doing 38mph and one doing 44mph.

We are greatly encouraged by this and the knowledge that our Speed Watch efforts are very much the hot topic around the district. Judging by the smiles, waves and comments we have had from motorists and or villagers the general reception for it has been very positive which is most gratifying and you can look forward to seeing us out and about on your behalf during March.

Safe driving!

Taken from this months CHEQS magazine.



Author: eastleach